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New freshwater fishing guide is out

The province has released the new, updated guide to freshwater fishing in British Columbia.

The 2019-2021 Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis is available online and will soon be available in hard copy at FrontCounter BC, Service BC and stores that sell fishing licences.

This synopsis is a comprehensive guide to the regulations, policies and practices that guide freshwater fishing in B.C. The Province updates the synopsis every two years and regularly posts updates online.

The synopsis also includes important angling-related articles, including information on catch-and-release best practices, preventing the spread of invasive aquatic species and tips on how to help keep aquatic ecosystems intact and healthy.

Quick Facts:

* Freshwater fishing generates almost $1 billion annually towards the provincial economy.

* The Province collects $10 million each year from licence fees – money which goes directly to the Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. The society supports angling-related research, conservation, education, stocking and improving angler access.

* Under the federal Fisheries Act, the Province is responsible for non-salmon freshwater fisheries, including sea-run steelhead, trout and char. The federal government is responsible for commercial and recreational fisheries in tidal waters and salmon fisheries.

Download the synopsis or check for updated angling regulations:

Find out more about the Freshwater Fisheries Society at:

For more information about purchasing a freshwater fishing licence, visit:



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