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Dealing with picky eaters

Mealtimes can be frustrating for the parents and caregivers of picky eaters, but registered dietitian Beth Oehler will offer up tips on how to make life easier at a free talk on Thursday.

A topic in the Nutrition Series, “Feeding a Picky Eater” will run on March 14 from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at Bob Harkins Branch.

March marks Nutrition Month in Canada. The public awareness campaign has run for over 30 years, and is supported by Dietitians of Canada.

“Sometimes parents or caregivers can feel frustrated by selective eating,” said Oehler. “I will share thoughts along the theme of Nutrition Month: unlocking the potential of food to fuel our families, encouraging adventurous eating discoveries and bringing us together for calm mealtimes.”

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