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CNC unveils new logo

The College of New Caledonia (CNC) has unveiled a new logo. 

 The almost 50-year-old institution hasn’t updated its logo since 2004.

 CNC’s new look is both modern and reflective of the deep connection CNC has to the communities it has served for nearly half a century, according to a CNC news release.

“Our brand is who we are,” said CNC President Henry Reiser. “It’s what distinguishes us from others. It permeates our decisions and affects our service delivery. ‘The College of New’ – a place where the brand is as diverse as the communities we serve, the students who learn here, and the people who dedicate themselves to seeing others succeed.

 In November 2017, CNC hired Léger Marketing to research its brand and discovered a disconnection between CNC’s reputation and its visual identity.

Though CNC had a reputation score within its region on par with brands such as Shoppers Drug Mart and Google (81 per cent), only 45 per cent of respondents had a positive opinion of CNC’s current logo with only 21 per cent thinking it stood out among other colleges.

In December 2017, the Characterizing CNC project launched with a goal to unify the college through a new visual identity, brand, and website. 

Throughout the next 14 months, the project came to life from interviews, collaborative workshops, feedback sessions, and steering committees with hundreds of current and prospective students, employees, instructors, alumni, donors, partners and stakeholders.  

“This project was truly a team effort encompassing all facets of the CNC community,” said Alyson Gourley-Cramer, CNC Executive Director of Communications. “As a result, it genuinely captures the essence of who we are and where we have the potential to go as an institution.” 

 CNC’s logo is the centrepiece of its visual identity. It’s a bold, contemporary logo that embraces CNC’s heritage through colour and connection, she says.

“Our logo brings to life the transformative experience of a CNC education,” Gourley-Cramer said. “While the primary logo holds a formality, the visual emphasis is on ‘CNC’. This is the affectionate name that students, alumni and employees have used for years when referring to the college.”

 The bar is a unique, simple graphic element of the logo representing one of CNC’s most important brand qualities: connection, she says.

“You will see the bar being used creatively throughout design and campaigns, extending the life of the brand as we evolve and grow,Gourley-Cramer said.
With the participation from workshops and the steering committee, CNC’s colours were chosen.

“The vibrant communities CNC serves, coupled with our natural environment, determined the colour palette for this project,” she said.

 “Taking on a project like this takes commitment and determination to ensure consultation and collaboration occur,” said CNC Board Chair Gil Malfair. “The Board has participated and supported the College throughout this process and we are pleased with the result.”

 The rollout of CNC’s new visual identity is a phased approach to signage and asset replacement leading to a celebratory event in September for CNC’s 50th anniversary year. As part of the rollout, CNC will launch its new website in May 2019.  

Quick Facts:

  • The Characterizing CNC project featured an extensive consultation process, which involved the entire college community – every step of the way, including:
    • 37 attendees at brand definition workshops
    • 11 focus groups
    • 23 interviews
    • 530+ participants in workshops and sessions
    • 66 presentations and meetings with different stakeholders, campuses, and steering committees
    • 107 participants (and counting) in brand training
  • The project resulted in new policies and procedures, 400 new photos, videos and procedures and an institutional website launching May 2019.

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