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Regional district supports Love Food, Hate Waste initiative

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George board is adding its voice to those who support the Love Food, Hate Waste initiative.

Wasted food fills up landfills and costs money. Each year the average Canadian household wastes 140 kg of food adding up to a cost of more than $1,100. To try to combat this, a new campaign, Love Food Hate Waste Canada, is being launched nationally. First founded in the UK as a reduction effort, this program has inspired and empowered residents to reduce their amount of avoidable household food waste by 21 per cent within its first five years. 

Love Food Hate Waste Canada works with businesses, governments and community groups across Canada, hoping to inspire and empower people to make their food go further and waste less.

Food isn’t garbage and keeping food out of the garbage is good for our environment and our pocketbooks.

Find out more about why food waste matters, and the organizations working with us to address household food waste in Canada.



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