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Bridget Moran documentary showing on STORYHIVE

Bridget Moran
Bridget Moran

When the eroding welfare system neglected the needs of families across British Columbia, one woman refused to keep quiet. A new TELUS Original documentary, Blacklisted: The Bridget Moran Story follows a fearless social worker from Prince George who wrote an open letter criticizing the government and its welfare system.

By exposing B.C.’s welfare neglect and bringing light to the mental health and poverty issues suffered by Canada’s most marginalized citizens, Bridget Moran was blacklisted as a social worker.

In 1964 the provincial government suspended her, along with four other social workers, for their public criticisms of child welfare services, including an open letter to Premier W.A.C. Bennett She ultimately won reinstatement but was not able to find further work in the provincial Ministry of Social Services. Thereafter, she worked as a social worker for the Prince George Regional Hospital, the University of Victoria Social Work Department, and, from 1977 until 1989, the Prince George school district.

Moran died in 1999, and is remembered for having consistently fought on behalf of the weak and underprivileged. At her memorial service in Prince George, the concluding hymn was Solidarity Forever.

In 2003, the City of Prince George commissioned a statue of her by sculptor Nathan Scott and erected it at the intersection of Third Avenue and Québec Street. Her memory lives on in many aspects of Prince George life, including an award named after her,[3] and a tradition of dressing her statue up seasonally.

Blacklisted: The Bridget Moran Story is available for viewing on STORYHIVE’s YouTube channel.




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