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Did you lose your keys? They might be found

Every year hundreds of found keys are turned into the Prince George RCMP by Good Samaritans in the community or by Canada Post, in the hopes that they may be returned to their owners.  Most of these keys are never claimed and end up being destroyed. 

The Prince George RCMP have several keys on distinctive lanyards, many with unusual key chains and quite a few with expensive vehicle remotes.

The Prince George RCMP are hoping to reunite these keys with their rightful owners. If you have lost your keys in the last six months, please stop by the Prince George RCMP detachment and have a look through their box.

Did You Know?  All found keys can be dropped into a mail box, even those without an ID tag.  It’s true!  Canada Post will deliver keys with ID tags to the organization responsible for the tag and will deliver those without ID tags to the local police.  



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