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Teegee supports Wilson-Raybould

BC Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Terry Teegee. Bill Phillips photo
BC Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Terry Teegee.

BC Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Terry Teegee supports MP Jody Wilson-Raybould’s decision to resign from the federal Liberal cabinet.

Wilson-Raybould stepped down as the Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defense earlier this week amid allegations the Prime Minister’s Office pressured her to reach a ‘remediation agreement,’ with SNC-Lavalin while she was Attorney General. She was moved to Veterans Affairs in January.

The loss of an integral and powerful member of government signals serious upheaval in the Canadian government’s Liberal party, and moreover the Prime Minister’s Office, with potentially unethical business influences, says Teegee.

“I have immense admiration and respect for Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould and I have full confidence in her strength of character and integrity,” he said. “Her past actions and commitments to First Nations, and all Canadians, are driven by her work and ethical standards despite reported efforts by some members of the federal government, including staff, to sabotage her professional and personal character. I have no doubt we will see Ms. Wilson-Raybould overcome this temporary setback in federal Liberal politics.”

First Nations in Canada were exalted to finally see a First Nations woman placed in a high position within the federal government, he said.

“It is deeply disappointing that political currents and influences have forced her out of this position,” he said. “However, Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s future in Canadian politics will surely continue far into the future.”




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