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Enough with the cold already

Whoever turned the thermostat down a couple of weeks ago, could you please put it back where it belongs?

I mean, I know it’s only the middle of February and this is Prince George and last year about this time was when we got hit by about five feet of snow in two days (some exaggeration for artistic licence) and you don’t have to shovel cold weather, but enough is enough.

Actually, I will say that most of the days haven’t been too bad, as long as the wind isn’t blowing. The temperature has gotten up to the minus-15 range most afternoons, and the sun has been quite nice, except for when you happen to be driving right into it, and the visor you haven’t used for a few months in your car is eluding your frantic grasp as you realize you can hardly see with the glare.

A lot of the glare is actually coming off the roads, with what looks like ice all over the place. But when you drive onto it, you find out it actually isn’t ice, until you start to get a bit confident, and that’s when the surface magically changes to ice and you find yourself skidding a bit, which definitely wakes you up.

I had an experience, if you want to call it that, with one driver Saturday afternoon, which showed how to commit driving sins in a hurry. I was heading south on Ospika Boulevard when a truck came roaring up behind me, swung into the other lane (without signalling), and raced by.

I took a quick look at my speedometer and confirmed I was driving about 52, so this guy apparently not only didn’t know how to use his signals to change lanes, but didn’t know how to read a speedometer.

He managed to stay ahead of me until we came to a red light. Or at least he came to a red light. I was still driving the limit, and I could see the vehicles on the crossroad slowing down, so I knew their light had turned yellow.

Sure enough, while I was still a car length or three behind the other guy, our light turned green. I had checked both the crossing streets, so I knew there were no vehicles coming through, and I had not seen any pedestrians, so I slowed down a touch, but kept going.

As I started to pass him, I realized he was still just sitting there, so I put on my brakes, assuming there must be someone or something in the intersection.


Just him compounding his previous faults by apparently not knowing what a green light means.




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