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Sampson was biggest campaign spender

Kyle Sampson announces he is running for a seat on Prince George city council this fall. Bill Phillips photo

There is no doubt that Kyle Sampson ran the flashiest campaign of all those seeking a seat on city council last fall. So it should come as no surprise that he also spent the most.

According to figures released last week by Elections BC, Sampson spent $22,107 on his campaign.

Sampson was first out of the blocks in June with a large event in Canada Games Plaza that was hosted by Canadian Tire owner Selen Alpay, who also contributed $1,200 to Sampson’s campaign. Anita Alpay also contributed $1,200. Other significant contributors to Sampson’s campaign included: Amanda Chandler, $1,000; Christopher Holmes, $1,000; Drew Doig, $1,200; Maria De Sousa, $1,200; Robert Elliot, $1,000 and Denis Poulin, $1,000.

Brian Skakun, who topped the polls, spent $4,550 on his campaign. He, and Jon Duncan, were the largest contributors to the campaign, each ponying up $500.

Murry Krause, elected to his seventh term on council, spent $6,222 on his campaign. He funded much of his own campaign, contributing $1,200. Other major contributors included Brian Lewis, $1,200 and Denise Dauvin, $700.

Frank Everitt, elected to a third term on council, spent $13,359 on his campaign. Major contributors to his campaign included Craig Wood, $1,000 and Jesse Keller, $1,000.

Garth Frizzell, also elected to a third term on council, spent $2,994 on his campaign. Major contributor to his campaign was Remi Belaj with $1,000.

Susan Scott spent $11,685 on her campaign for a second term on council. She was her own largest contributor, kicking in $2,238. Major contributors included Charles Scott, $1,200;  Annabelle Wemyss, $1,000.

Terri McConnachie spent $13,078 on her bid for re-election. She contributed $2,400 to her own campaign. Other major contributors included Robert Quibell, $1,200.

Cori Ramsay, the other rookie member of council, spent $3,879 on her campaign. She was the major funder of her own campaign, contributing $1,200. Other major contributors including Camille MacDonald, $600; and Lisa Dickson, $500.

Cameron Stolz, who came up short in his bid to get re-elected to council, spent $13,000 on his campaign. He was the largest contributor to his campaign, funding $2,400 out of his own pocket. Other major donors included Antonio Gambato, $1,200; Terresa Stolz, $1,200; Gilbert Stolz, $1,200; Ronald Sawatsky, $1,200, Kathleen Sawatsky, $1,200, Kathleen Stolz.

Dave Fuller, who was also not successful in his campaign, spent $5,215. He was his own major funder, contributing $1,000. Robert Quibell also contributed $1,000.

Paul Serup spent $706 on his campaign and funded it himself.

Viv Fox spent $454 on her campaign, and funded her own campaign.

Chris Wood spent $200 on his campaign, which he funded himself.

The mayor’s race wasn’t really a race as looked like incumbent Lyn Hall would run unopposed until Willy Enns put his name forward at the last minute and wasn’t a serious candidate.

Hall spent $6,613 on his campaign, a far cry from a few years back when Shari Green spent close to $80,000 on her campaign.

Hall’s major contributors included Harry Backlin, $1,000; Scott Baron, $1,200, and Craig Wood, $1,000.

Enns reported that he spent nothing on his campaign.




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