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Coldsnap goes classical tonight

The Coldsnap Music Festival goes classical tonight with three acts set to take the stage at 7:30 p.m. at the Prince George Playhouse. Atomic String Machine, Amir Amiri and Richard Moody, and the Prince George Symphony Orchestra with Maestro Michael Hall will all perform.

Atlantic String Machine

The Atlantic String Machine was formed in April 2015 and is based on Prince Edward Island. The group is made up of five musicians with considerable professional experience in a number of musical genres, having performed worldwide with internationally recognized symphony and chamber orchestras, ensembles, bands and individual artists. They have recently joined together to present a wide range of music from classical to jazz, pop, world music and their own compositions.


Amir Amiri and Richard Moody

Moody Amiri is a duo made of Amir Amiri (santur) and Richard Moody (viola) who met in Winnipeg (Manitoba) in 2008. Amiri, born in Tehran, Iran, spent much of his youth studying the santur, a 72-string hammer dulcimer that lies at the heart of Persian classical music. Richard Moody, a veteran of the Canadian music scene, is a virtuoso at almost every style a string player can delve into. Since 2011, Amiri and Moody have created an engaging and distinctive sound, fusing elements of traditional Persian music with jazz, classical, and Indian music. “Safar” is the name of their 2014 debut album.






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