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PG Iceman looking for volunteers

Costumes are encouraged and it's never too cold to wear your tutu. Bill Phillips photo
The Prince George Iceman, slated for February 10, is looking for volunteers.


The 32nd annual Prince George Iceman is just around the corner and organizers can use some help.

If you’re not up to competing in the gruelling event, which an eight-kilometre cross-country ski at the Otway Nordic Centre, followed by a 10-kilometre run to the Prince George Ice Oval where a five-kilometre skate is in order, followed by another five-kilometre run and then an 800-metre swim at the Prince George Aquatic Centre, you can certainly help out those who do.

The Prince George Iceman is looking for volunteers to help out February 10.

“In order to make the Iceman a success, we need more than 100 volunteers, in various positions … inside, outside, before the event, during the event, at the banquet, and all our venues,” says Holly Hughes, volunteer coordinator with the Iceman.

There is a survey on the PG Iceman website that volunteers can fill out. The idea behind the survey is to better match the volunteers’ skills with areas they are suited to.

Crowd control volunteers will be needed at the Otway Nordic Ski Centre, the Prince George Ice Oval and at the Aquatic Centre. Route guides will be needed along the run routes along Foothills and through town. There are water stations along the route and volunteers are needed to man those stations.

That means they can look forward to doing some standing during the event.

“We definitely are looking for people who are able to be outside in the cold,” she said. “We certainly want people to be dressed appropriately.”

There are also opportunities, such as taking tickets at the banquet or taking registrations, for those for which standing or being outside may be an issue.

“We’re also looking for volunteers who have advanced first aid, paramedical, nursing or medical background because we need a higher level of first aid for some of our venues,” said Hughes.

There are people who shuttling skis and boots around and/or maintaining safety on the road, as the runners will cross two sets of train tracks.

“There is certainly a bit of responsibility in some of the positions, but it’s lots of fun, and certainly we can find a place for everybody,” says Hughes.

Volunteers can specify how long they are available as well, so if you’ve only available for an hour or two, it’s all good. Actually, some of the people who are volunteering are also competing in the event … they will do their run or swim or ski portion and then head off to help another leg of the event.

“We can be accommodating if people have other commitments,” she says. “We have some volunteers who will volunteer at one venue and then move to another venue.”

And there is some incentive to volunteer other than just the satisfaction of helping out a great event.

Mr. Mikes Prince George has stepped up to the plate are have donated $500 worth of $10 gift certificates that will be distributed randomly to volunteers.

If you like to volunteer check out the survey at or the PG Iceman Facebook page or you contact Hughes at

Volunteer here



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