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Pedestrians need to pay attention on the roads too

So it’s just after noon on Sunday, and I am listening to my first time as host on Those Old Records, an old-new show on CFIS. (That’s called a subtle plug.)

It’s a show which used to run on the station with a different host, but we’ve brought it back with me as the host (which is almost certainly a step down).

However, what I want to talk about today is what I saw on my way back from the studio earlier this morning.

I drove from the studio, which is on 15th Avenue, to Spruceland Shopping Centre to pick up some food, and saw a few different pedestrians of varying degrees of safety-consciousness.

The first one I saw was actually as I was coming out of the Studio 2880 parking lot onto 15th Avenue. There was a pedestrian on the sidewalk, a little ways down from the driveway, but I decided I could wait for them, so I did.

They walked across in front of me, with no acknowledgement of my presence in a large metal apparatus. The fact they had earbuds in may have had something to do with their lack of interest in the surroundings.

I crossed the highway and was figuring on driving up the little frontage road on 15th to turn onto Ahbau.

Unfortunately, that was made impossible because of the woman walking out in one of the traffic lanes with no back to oncoming traffic (like me). There is a sidewalk right there, and it didn’t look to be in bad shape, but I guess she figured taking her life in her hands by walking out in traffic was less of an inconvenience than walking through a bit of snow.

I got to Spruceland Shopping Centre and drove slowly along the lane near the sidewalk in front of the stores. I paused to allow a number of pedestrians to cross both ways, and all of them gave me a wave as they crossed.

So yes, pedestrians, I know some of the sidewalks are not in the best shape, but a little bit of courtesy and common sense will keep you safe and happy.



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