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Out and about on a snow day

By the middle of the afternoon on Saturday, there was one clear thought in my mind.

“The next person I hear singing Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It snow is going to suffer.”

Saturday, of course, was the day the city woke up to not just a blanket of snow, but four or five blankets, a comforter and a very thick quilt of snow.

When I left the CFIS studio Friday evening after our Post to Post show, there was no hint of what would happen overnight. I had to brush some snow off my car, but it wasn’t snowing at that time, just after 8 p.m.

When I woke up Saturday morning, things had changed. I was prepared to hunker down in my apartment and wait for the fellow who plowed the parking lot to show up before I ventured outside, but then I remembered a couple of jobs I needed to do at the studio.

So, on with the winter gear, and outside we go. As I slogged along an unplowed sidewalk on Foothills, I decided to take the bus to the studio, rather than slog through knee-deep snow the whole way.

I got out on 15th Avenue, just across from the studio, crossed the street, and discovered the sidewalk there had been cleared.

I went inside, did what needed to be done, then decided to walk back home, since the sidewalks were cleared.

Well, they were until I got up across from the post office on 15th Avenue. From there to Ospika, the snow on the sidewalk was trodden down, but not cleared. On the other side of Ospika, however, it was once again cleared.


The other big thing about the day was helping to push three different vehicles out of bad situations in the snow. The first one was in the parking lot of my apartment, and was one of the main reasons I decided not to drive in to the studio.

The other two were on side streets on the way back from the office. I also saw a number of vehicles which looked like they had been abandoned in the snow along the street, as well as others which were getting help from other people.

Then, Saturday afternoon, the snow stopped, the parking lot clearing equipment showed up, and all was right with the world.

Until the next snowfall.




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