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British Columbians vote to keep first-past-the-post

British Columbians have voted to keep the first-past-the-post electoral system.

Chief Electoral Officer Anton Boegman said 61.3 per cent of respondents voted to keep first-past-the-post with 38.7 per cent voting to change to a proportional representation system. He said 42.6 per cent of eligible voters responded to the mail-in ballots.

In the first count of proportional representation systems, mixed member proportional received 41.74 per cent, dual member proportional received 29.9 per cent and rural-urban proportional received 29.7 per cent. Because there was no clear majority for one system, rural-urban proportional was dropped and second choices were counted given mixed member proportional received 63.05 per cent and dual member proportional received 36.95.

Boegman said about 6,000 packages were received after the deadline and 2,461 ballots were spoiled.

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