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Eleven impaired drivers nabbed on the weekend

While Operation Red Nose gave 244 rides home on the weekend, not everyone took advantage of the service and few still got behind the wheel after having a few drinks.

On Friday and Saturday night, December 14-15, the Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Services Section conducted a series of static check stops and roving patrols throughout the City of Prince George, selectively targeting impaired drivers.

These are the results:

  • 11 – Impaired Drivers
  • 9 – 90 day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) with 30 day vehicle impoundment (over 100 mg%)
  • 2 – 3 day IRP with 7 day vehicle impoundment (between 60 – 99 mg%)
  • 7 – Speeding violations
  • 8 – Intersection-related violations
  • 2 – Distracted Driving (cell phones) violations
  • 4 – Suspension/prohibition charges
  • 4 – Drivers served suspension/prohibition orders on behalf of ICBC
  • 3 – Vehicles sent for inspection due to improper/inadequate equipment
  • 19 – Other violations

The above results are a sample of the impaired driving enforcement that occurs throughout the week.

Officers use a variety of tools to help them detect and apprehend impaired drivers, including approved screening devices, physical coordination testing, and a drug recognition expert. 

“We would like to thank the vast majority of the public who choose not to drive impaired, whether it be by alcohol or other drugs,” says Sgt. Matt Labelle, in charge of the Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Enforcement Section.  “We appreciate the efforts of those persons that choose to use alternate transportation like taxis, buses and services like Operation Red Nose.”

There are no excuses for driving while impaired.  If you see a vehicle that you believe is being driven by an impaired driver, please call police immediately.


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