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Tim and Carli Bennett to unveil foxtrot at Boogie With the Stars

Tim and Carli Bennett work on their dance routine for Boogie With the Stars at Paz and Peter Milburn's dance studio. Bill Phillips photo
Tim and Carli Bennett work on their dance routine for Boogie With the Stars at Paz and Peter Milburn’s dance studio. Bill Phillips photo


Tim and Carli Bennett can get in some dancing practice in their kitchen, but the Boogie With the Stars team does most of their training at Paz and Peter Milburn’s dance studio.

The husband and wife team has been training since September for the New Year’s Eve gala at the Civic Centre, which is a fundraiser Hospice House as well as for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, where Tim is the executive director.

“For me, I have seen the event in the past and have always thought it would be a neat thing to be involved it,” says Tim. “It will really push me outside of my comfort zone because I’m not a dancer by any means.”

Carli is the dancer in the family, having taken lessons as a kid.

“Tim came home one day and said ‘hey, I’m going to dance at Boogie With the Stars, oh, you’re my partner,” Carli said. “I said, ‘oh, I guess we’re dancing.’”

The couple has also participated in some basic dance classes before, so it really wasn’t that big a stretch for them to get involved.

“I knew he wasn’t going to stomp on my toes too bad,” she said, adding that Tim’s role as executive director for Big Brothers and Big Sisters as well as chair of the School District 57 Board of Education means he is quite busy. “It’s something we can do together.”

Tim points out that while they have taken some dance lessons, the lessons were not at the level they will be performing for Boogie With the Stars.

The couple will be doing a foxtrot, which is a more traditional ballroom dance, however they’re not saying much more about their routine.

“Some of it will be unveiled the night of,” Tim says.

This year, the addition of charity the component gave Tim a chance to be involved with Boogie for the Stars and raise money for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, which will celebrating its 40th anniversary in Prince George next year.

“One of the neat things about the competition is that I get to dance with my wife,” says Tim.

They are hoping to raise as much money as possible and their goal is to surpass $15,000.

The couple started training in September.

“We’re pretty confident that we have the basics and we’re moving on to the bigger flashier things,” says Carli.

They are actively collecting pledges online, all the funds will go to Big Brothers and Big Sisters. They will also be having a Norwex party online with a portion of the proceeds going to Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Norwex is a natural cleaning product.

The format is similar to the television show Dancing with the Stars. Paz and Peter will help put teams together, which in addition to the dancers, will have a team name, a sponsor, and a charity they’ll be raising money for. The charity can put forward a dancer, or dancers for their team and the team will be trained by Paz and Peter leading up to the gala event on New Year’s Eve. There will likely be eight or nine teams and the actual dance competition will go for about an hour. The dancers will be judged by the local dance community in some of the traditional genres such as foxtrot, salsa, samba, waltz, tango and others.

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