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Football fans’ dream weekend coming up

If you are a football fan of virtually any description, this is the week you probably had circled on your calendar as soon as you bought it.

It all starts tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, with the NFL pre-game shows starting about 8 tonight to get in all the incredibly important stories they need to cover before the first of three games kick off Thursday.

There is also one college football game featuring a ranked team, with Mississippi State visiting Mississippi.

By the way, have you ever noticed they always call it college football, but all the schools down south call themselves universities? I have no idea why they don’t call it university football, which would make more sense.

This is the final weekend of the regular season for most of the college teams south of the border, which means for many of them, it’s time for the rivalry game. The Mississippi State-Mississippi game, for instance, is the Egg Bowl, but it’s not usually all it’s cracked up to be. This weekend also sees Washington and Washington State playing for the Apple Cup. Many of the other good names for rivalries don’t take place on the last weekend anymore, for some reason. I’d love to see the Egg Bowl, the Apple Cup, the Milk Can (Boise State-Fresno State),the Crab Bowl (Maryland-Navy), and the Bourbon Barrel (Indiana-Kentucky) all taking place on the same day. Also makes for a pretty good menu.

So after a few games Friday (you know, the day nobody in the U.S. actually goes to work even though it isn’t a holiday), the main course of the college games is served up Saturday as usual.

There’s also a college game north of the border (aka Canada) on Saturday, with the Vanier Cup taking place in Quebec City at the University of Laval. The home team is actually in the game, taking on the Western Mustangs for the Canadian university title.

Sunday, of course, is the big day, with the Grey Cup taking place in Edmonton between the Calgary Stampeders and the Ottawa Redblacks. There’s also a few more games in the NFL, if anybody cares.

Monday, of course, the NFL wraps up its long weekend with Monday Night Football.

There’s also some English football taking place, with all their teams getting back into action after having last weekend off for international play. Some of their teams actually started this weekend on Wednesday, beating the Yanks to the punch.

So whether the ball is round or oblong, whether the field is 100 yards or 110 yards, always remember the most important thing about football, or any other sport.

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether you cover the point spread.


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