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Not All Meds Get Along – Canadian Patient Safety Week 2018

Northern Health is partnering with organizations across the country to celebrate and raise awareness around patient safety during the last week of October. Canadian Patient Safety Week 2018 runs from October 29 to November 2.

Canadian Patient Safety Week is a national campaign that works to raise awareness of patient safety. This year’s theme is “Not All Meds Get Along,” which prompts patients and health-care professionals to consider medication reviews (a discussion/assessment of a patient’s complete set of medications) for anyone on five or more medications who may be at risk. Medication errors can result in severe harm, disability, and even death.

Everyone has a role to play in medication safety. “Not All Meds Get Along” encourages patients and health-care professionals to start a conversation using the 5 Questions to Ask About Your Medicationswhen talking about medication safety issues. Patients should keep medication records up to date. Remember to include drug allergies, vitamins and minerals, herbal/natural products, and all medications including non-prescription products. Ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist to review all your medications to see if any can be safely stopped or reduced.

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