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Winnipeg Street to re-open as sinkhole now repaired

City crews are working on determining the cause of the sinkhole that opened up at Winnipeg and Carney streets following this week's heavy rain. Crews will have to excavate down approximately 20 feet to look at a large drainage pipe installed the 1970s. Motorists are advised to avoid the area, if possible, as work will continue for at least the next few days. Bill Phillips photo
Sinkhole on Winnipeg Street

This week, contracted crews working for the City of Prince George are repaving road and painting traffic markings at the site where a sinkhole formed earlier this year.

The city expects all lanes of Winnipeg Street to be completely reopened by next week. Pedestrian traffic on the east side of Winnipeg Street could be delayed for a few days longer as crews also have to pour new concrete to form sidewalks. Residents are encouraged continue to stay vigilant and follow construction signs in the area as some operations, such as cleanup, will be still be occurring in the coming days.

Last month, crews installed a 9.0 metre by 4.8 metre concrete chamber to replace a failed section of pipe, which caused several sinkholes at the location over the past few years. That project followed an extensive operation to remove groundwater from around the pipe that involved installing dams and three high capacity pumps to drain water from the site.

Following a large rainstorm this spring, crews discovered eight metres of pipe had completely deteriorated. The city believes the deterioration was caused by turbulence from the discharge of storm water from the Carney Street storm sewer that enters the pipe at the location of the failed pipe.

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