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Election campaign was a busy, busy time

Let’s just say last week was pretty busy for me, and the weekend was spent sort of resting up, so what I have this week is some Random Ramblings.

  • Thanks to all those who put their names forward as candidates for mayor, council, school board and regional district positions. Win or lose, the campaign probably took more time than you figured it would.
  • Special thanks to the 13 candidates for council, who all agreed to interviews with me last week on the After Nine show on CFIS. That was one of the reasons I was so busy. I was hosting more than I usually do (and none of them walked out halfway through the interview.)
  • Most people make their election predictions before the election is actually held, but I’m not most people. My prediction is that while 24 per cent of the eligible voters cast ballots in the Prince George election, more than that number will spend a good portion of the next four years complaining about what council does. If you couldn’t take five minutes to vote sometime in the last month, I won’t even give you 10 seconds to complain before I tune you out.
  • Very impressed with how quickly the vast majority of the election signs disappeared, at least the major concentrations of them. There are probably a few signs floating around out there somewhere, but not many.
  • Two friends of mine from former newspaper jobs have both gone totally to the Dark Side (as we called it). Wendy Coomber, who was my editor at the South Peace News in High Prairie, Alberta, was re-elected to council in Cache Creek, while Dale Bass, who I worked with for a number of years at Kamloops This Week, was elected to council there. And yes, both of them are retired journalists, so there won’t be any conflicts of interest.
  • So the World Series this year (which started last night) is a repeat – from 102 years ago. The Boston Red Sox (who were the Boston Red Sox in 1916) are tangling with the Los Angeles Dodgers (who were probably the Brooklyn Robins that year). None of the same players are the lineups this year.

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