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Warrington says school board’s role is to provide oversight

We asked all the School District 57 Board of Education candidates to fill out a questionnaire so you may get to know them a little better. We will be running their answers between now and election day.
Sharel Warrington
Why are you running for trustee for School District 57?
Sharel Warrington
Sharel Warrington

I am seeking re-election to continue supporting and contributing to the work of the board and my accountability to the student, employees, schools and communities of School District 57. I offer my experience of 13 years and the past four terms on SD 57 Board of Education. I believe a board must work as a united team committed to collaboration and responsible leadership. It must be accountable to the communities it serves. It must focus on building positive supportive working relationships. It must understand the complexities and needs of the District when making decisions. In seeking re-election I offer my commitment, my experience and leadership in continuing to serve our students, employees and communities.

What do you think is the single most important issue facing School District 57?

The most important issue is the ability to ensure the District is providing the programs, services and resources needed to address the academic, social, emotional, physical and career development of each student.

What do you see as the main role of the School District 57 board of trustees?

The board’s main role is the oversight of the management and operations of the district. It is keeping our students at the center of our decision making and ensuring the district is providing the highest quality of programs and services needed to meet and contribute to the success of every student.

Do you support the current sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) curriculum in schools? Why or why not?

All members of our school community need to be treated with respect, included, valued and safe. Our schools need to be welcoming, caring and respectful places where everyone is valued for who they are. The values of inclusion, respect for each other, and safety need to be part of the curriculum. Our schools must be places free from discrimination in all its forms. I support the importance of our schools, and classrooms as places where diversity and respect for one another is valued and celebrated.

How will you ensure that rural schools are adequately funded, and represented?

Having served on four boards of education over the past 13 years, the needs of our rural schools have been a focus of advocacy for each board. Currently the funding formula is under review. During the current board’s consultation process regarding rural education, strong representation was made to ensure that equity of funding for rural schools be a priority in a revised funding formula. It will be critical that the next board continue to advocate for and support the engagement of our rural communities in the development of educational goals and direction to meet the needs of their students. As a member of the next board I will continue to ensure the district is addressing the needs of our rural schools, that they are adequately funded and their needs are represented at the board table.

If you have one pet project you would like to accomplish as a school trustee, what would that be?

What I have always sought to accomplish during my 13 years of service as a school trustee and will continue to strive for is equity of opportunity for all students, access to the highest quality of educational programs and services and the right of each student to a safe, caring, healthy and inclusive learning environment.

What do you bring to the board table that no other candidate does?

For the past 13 years I have had the privilege to serve the students, employees and communities of School District 57 at the board table. Perhaps that long commitment and experience, the knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the district is what I hope to contribute to the next board. Each member of the board brings their individual understanding and experience to the board table and that is a good thing. It is valuing the diversity of members at the table and their shared goals and commitment that becomes the strength of an effective board.

Recruitment and retention of teachers and support staff is an ongoing issue. What are your thoughts on ways to keep the district properly staffed?
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How will you try to ensure public education funding for School District 57 increases?
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