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Election races looking good for incumbents

Incumbents are looking good for re-election, according to a Prince George Daily News online poll.

According to the results, Lyn Hall will easily be returned for a second term in the mayor’s chair, incumbent Brian Skakun will top the polls (barely) in the council race, and Tim Bennett will top the polls in the school district trustee race.

We conducted the online poll over five days from October 10-15 and received 169 responses. We make no claims on its accuracy. Respondents could not vote more than once.

The mayor’s race contains no surprises as the poll as Hall garnered 85 per cent of the votes.

The council race proved to be a little more interesting with Brian Skakun topping the poll with 65.64 per cent of the votes. Kyle Sampson, however, was hot on his heels with 63.80 per cent of the vote. The poll suggests all the incumbents would be re-elected with Sampson and Cori Ramsay being newcomers.

On the bubble are Cameron Stolz (33.74 per cent), Dave Fuller (32.52 per cent), and Viv Fox (31.90 per cent).

We also asked respondents to rank the issues they felt most important. Infrastructure topped the list, followed by road maintenance, snow removal, and crime.

In the race for board of education trustee, Tim Bennett with 65 per cent of the vote.

Rounding out the remaining four Prince George positions, according to our poll, are Trent Derrick with 44.08 per cent, Ron Polillo with 42.11 per cent, incumbent Sharel Warrington with 32.24 per cent, and Betty Bekkering with 29.61 per cent. The race is a tight one though, with Corey Walker, Trudy Klassen, and Stephanie Milalishen-Deol all within striking distance.

As for top issues facing the district, respondents ranked recruitment and retention of staff as the main issue, followed by maintaining a balanced budget, ensuring that the Supreme Court ruling regarding class size and teachers’ contracts is adhered to, and infrastructure.



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