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Everitt looking for third term on city council

We asked all city council candidates to fill out a questionnaire so you may get to know them a little better. We will be running their answers between now and election day.

Frank Everitt

Tell us about your background.
Frank Everitt
Frank Everitt

Presently seeking my third term on council

Why are you running for council?

Want to give back to the community and believe I have got some experience as activist in our city

What do you think is the most important issue facing the City of Prince George today? Why?

Infrastructure above and below ground

Please rank the importance of the following issues facing the city (1 being the most important).
  • 1. Infrastructure
  • 2. Social Housing
  • 3. Recreation (pools, arenas etc.)
  • 4. Road Maintenance
  • 5. Snow Removal
  • 6. Crime
  • 7. Safety
  • 8. Parks
  • 9. Economic Development
  • 10. Transit
  • 11. Downtown Revitalization
  • 12. City Image
  • 13. Population Increase
Do you support the policy that pays senior exempt staff overtime? Why, or why not?

Needs to be revisited , most salaried employees aren’t payed overtime, but are compensated with time off in lieu of or banked for another time

What do you believe is the role of a city councillor as it pertains to the day-to-day operations of city hall?

We have a city manager who is responsible for the day to day operations. So believe I have a role to carry forward concerns and speak on behalf of citizens to city manager

Council recently set the business licence fee for cannabis retailers and producers at $1,000. Do you think this fee is too high, too low, about right and will you support a cannabis retail store application that meets city requirements?

I supported the fee of a thousand dollars . Yes I would be supportive

The city is currently reviewing the hours to keep Masich Place Stadium open. Do you agree with the current hours of 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., pending scheduled usage and, if so should those hours be maintained?

Could go be open a little longer with daylight hours in summer months

We often hear about government being open and transparent. What does that mean to you? Once again, be specific.

Putting forward our spending on vendors for purchases. Going out in the community ( i.e. Talktober events and attend many different events so citizens can approach you on their various issues

Why should people vote for you?

I been a long time activist in community and want to give back to the city that has been so good to me and my family

If you could accomplish one thing over the next term, what would that be?

Assist in dealing with the homelessness in our downtown and surrounding area

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