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School zone enforcement nabbing speeders

The Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Services section has focused on school zone speed enforcement since September 4.  Over this two-week period, officers conducted enforcement in all school zones within the City of Prince George.

In all, 208 speed violation tickets were issued, including:

  • 121 speed over 30 kilometres per hour (km/hr) in a school zone
  • 15 speed over 30 km/hr in a playground zone
  • 68 speed over the posted limit (school advisory areas & corridors where children frequent)
  • 4 excessive speeding tickets for 45 km/hr over the posted limit in a school or playground zone.The fastest recorded speed was 95 km/hr.  All four of these vehicles were impounded for a minimum of seven days.  One of these vehicles was a loaded commercial tractor trailer unit.

Officers also issued violation tickets for unsafe driving practices.  These include:

  • 9 tickets for using a cell phone while driving
  • 6 tickets for failing to wear a seatbelt

One person was arrested and charged with Refusing to Provide a Breath Sample under the Criminal Code of Canada.  This person drove to a school to pick up at least one child.

The Prince George RCMP want to thank the vast majority of motorists that followed the rules of the road and obeyed the 30 km/hr speed limit in school and playground zones.  Pedestrians, specifically children, are vulnerable road users and require extra care so they can get to their destination safely.

The Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Services section will continue to focus on improving safety for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, in the coming weeks.

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