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Giving a fail to illegal passers

I saw something Saturday that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, and had hoped I would never see again.

Then I saw it again on Sunday.

I was driving west on 18th Avenue from Ospika to Foothills, and there was a fellow right behind me who was obviously upset that I was driving the speed limit when he was in a hurry.

I don’t know whether he was late because he had been watching too many cat videos on YouTube before he left or what, but he clearly needed to be somewhere as fast as possible, and there were no concerns about safety, intelligence or the law.

So he passed me.

18th Avenue is a two-lane road at that point, with a solid yellow lane down the middle, which means passing is illegal. This guy didn’t have any flashing emergency lights on his vehicle, so there was no legal way he could pass me – but he did.

I drive that stretch of 18th Avenue fairly frequently, and, as I say, it had been a couple of years since I had someone pass me along there.

Then it happened again on Sunday, going from Foothills to Ospika.

I don’t think it was the same vehicle, which means there are at least two complete morons out there with no respect for the law of the road or safety in general.

The thing that I find strangest to comprehend about why someone would make that sort of pass is the way the road works. If you’re going west, toward Foothills, it becomes two lanes heading north as soon as you get to Foothills, so you can pass there.

If you’re heading to Ospika, some people turn on to Ospika, and if you’re going straight through on 18th, you can get by them there. If you’re following them on to Ospika, again it become two lanes going south, and you can pass them there.

And on both Ospika and Foothills, as anyone who drives them regularly can testify, speed limits are just a suggestion.


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