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Exhibition Park getting a workout this year

It’s been a very busy summer for the Exhibition Park in Prince George.

And I’m not even talking about events held at the CN Centre and the Kin Centres. I’m talking about events held outside at the Exhibition Park.

The first major one was the Relay for Life in June. First time the event has been held at the grounds, and it sounds like things went well (for the most part). There will always be a few things that happen and the first thing the organizers say is, “Why didn’t we think of that before now?” followed closely by “OK, so now what do we do?”

Then, last weekend Cariboo Rocks the North took over the place. I was pleasantly surprised, living by 15th and Foothills, that I could just barely hear the music Friday night. I know there are people who would have been living closer than that, and I’m not sure how things were for them.

I also know I’ve spoken with a few people who went to one or all three days, and they all came away happy with the experience of hearing again some of the great Canadian rock bands many of them grew up with (as well as honorary Canadians the Little River Band).

They’ve already announced there will be a Cariboo Rocks the North on the same weekend next year, which means speculation will be starting soon on which bands will be coming here next August.

Then, as the crews were probably still working on removing the final traces of Cariboo Rocks, it was time to start setting up for the B.C. Northern Exhibition, which starts tomorrow (if you’re reading this Wednesday).

Once again this year, CFIS radio will be on site all four days, which means people can drop by our booth in Kin 1 and see why everyone agrees I have a face made for radio. Some people have also said I have a voice made for pantomime, but I try to ignore them.

We will be broadcasting a number of our regular shows live in the next few days, including a special edition of Senior Moments tomorrow as well as (probably) the Post to Post sports talk show.

I say probably, because if the Senior Men’s Baseball League reschedules a game for Thursday night, we’ll be packing up our gear at Kin 1 at 6, and redeploying for the game at Citizen Field shortly thereafter.

I also plan to do my After Nine show on Friday morning live from the BCNE, and I’ll be around annoying people at the booth for a while each day, so drop by and say hello.


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