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Nine ‘wildfires of note’ in Cariboo area

There are currently nine Wildfires of Note in the Cariboo Fire Centre: Horsefly Lake, Shag Creek, Wild Goose Lake, Blackwater River (Nazko), Narcosli Creek, Lang Lake, Houseman Road, Mayfield Lake, and Twin Creek. Regular updates on these fires are available online at:…/WildfireNews/OneFire.asp

The Narcosli Creek fire (C12302), located north of Tzenzaicut Lake on the west side of the Fraser River, is estimated at 3100 hectares. Additional resources are on site today, including 75 firefighters, four helicopters and 16 pieces of equipment. There was minimal growth observed overnight and night operation with heavy equipment worked throughout the night. Ground crews are continuing to reinforce control lines, focusing on the southern, eastern and northern flanks. There is an evacuation alert associated with this wildfire, visit for more information.

The sustained winds experienced overnight and throughout the day contributed to increased fire activity on the Wild Goose Lake fire (C41745). It is estimated at 6600 hectares. It is in terrain with flashy fuels comprised of large grassy areas, which has contributed to the size of the fire. There is an evacuation alert associated with this wildfire, visit for more information.

Lang Lake fire (C42138) is an estimated 440 hectares and is located in an area with inaccessible terrain for ground crews, therefore, firefighting tactics are currently being assessed by an ignition specialist. This wildfire is being monitored with a helicopter on site. There are evacuation alerts and orders associated with wildfires in this area, visit for more information.

The Twin Creek fire (C42324), located southeast of 70 Mile House, has now been added to our Wildfires of Note so public can access up to date information on our website. It is estimated at 524 hectares and crews are working on the western flank of the fire to build a guard. There are 30 firefighters, one helicopter, and five pieces of heavy equipment are on site actioning this fire.

Residents in proximity to wildfires within the Cariboo Fire Centre are advised to contact their respective regional district regarding evacuation alerts or orders –CRD Emergency line: 1-866-759-4977 or the TNRD Emergency Coordination Centre: 1-800-663-3456.


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