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Dave Henry Drainage fire visible from Valemount

The Dave Henry Drainage wildfire (G31735). BC Wildfire Service photo
The Dave Henry Drainage wildfire (G31735). BC Wildfire Service photo

The BC Wildfire Service is currently responding to several highly visible fires in the Robson Valley near Valemount. 

The Dave Henry Drainage wildfire (G31735) is now a Wildfire of Note due to its high visibility from the Village of Valemount. The fire is currently an estimated 600 hectares and is burning up the drainage away from the Village of Valemount driven by strong upslope winds in the area. There are currently 14 firefighters, four pieces of heavy equipment, and one helicopter on scene. Water tenders are being used successfully to support the south flank of the fire from moving west.

The McKirdy Mountain wildfire (G31635) exhibited some visible fire activity last night and today and remains at an estimated 35 hectares. The west and east guards were not challenged and the fire is burning up the mountain in steep terrain which is challenging crews. There are currently five firefighters and two helicopters on scene. Crews are getting hose around the southern flank to strengthen the guard on base of the fire. 

The 55 km on East Canoe wildfire (G31718) is an estimated 100 hectares and is burning near the main East Canoe FSR. Skimmers are currently working to support dozer guard along the south and west flank to keep the fire from affecting the main East Canoe FSR. There are currently 30 firefighters, heavy equipment, one helicopter and skimmers on scene. Please be aware that there is heightened activity along the East Canoe FSR and that unnecessary traffic can delay or impede wildfire suppression in the area.


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