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Twenty-seven fires in Horsefly region since Monday

The BC Wildfire Service has responded to 27 fires in the Horsefly region since Monday.

There were four new fires that were discovered yesterday, with the largest being 0.3 hectares in size located near Niagra River and is in currently classified as ‘being held.’ All fires have been assessed and responded to in priority sequence. The main priority is getting control lines and containment on the Horsefly Lake wildfire. 

Four fires are on the east arm of Quesnel Lake, with the largest being 0.6 hectares in size (C31697).

Three fires are on the north side of Quesnel Lake. One is ‘being held’ and one is ‘under control,’ the one that is out of control is 0.01 hectares in size. 

Four fires are located on the south side of Quesnel Lake and the largest is the Quartz Mountain fire estimated at 92 hectares. These fires are being assessed to determine the appropriate response. 

The largest fire is the Horsefly Lake fire, mapped at 526 hectares, which is now 80 per cent contained. There are 40 firefighters, 10 pieces of heavy equipment, 2 helicopters and 1 fire officer on site. Due to increased containment and good progress by crews, this fire is no longer under an evacuation alert. For more information on this fire please see

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