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Building permit numbers up so far this year

If anyone is looking for a sign of when work will begin on the new Kelly Road School, there’s an indication it’s getting closer.

The city has issued a $28.5 million building permit for the new school, which has helped with some pretty respectable building permit numbers in the city for the first six months of the year.

There were 231 building permits issued in the city from January to June worth an estimated $99.8 million. That’s compares to the first six months of last year when 235 permits were issued worth an estimated $49.1 million and the first six months of 2016 when 220 permits were issued with an estimated value of $71.5 million.

“This is spectacular,” says Mayor Lyn Hall. “We seeing a really strong, strong economic growth and we hope that continues.”

In June of this year there were 50 building permits issued with an estimated value of $44 million.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Twelve new single family dwellings ($6,930,804).
  • 795 Central Street tenant improvement ($175,000);
  • 1475 Edmonton Street renovations to second floor ($5,200,000);
  • 1066 Vancouver Street alterations to the existing building ($150,000);
  • 4350 15th Avenue to construct a new building ($663,000);
  • 3333 University Way construct a fabric covered shed ($185,000);
  • 4540 Handlen Road construct a new building ($28, 322,950)

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