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Beating the heat by binge-watching the Voice

I don’t watch a lot of TV.

That doesn’t stop me from watching a lot of the auditions for the various incarnations of The Voice around the world. YouTube is a marvelous thing.

I got a bit of heatstroke on the weekend, so I spent most of Sunday inside, in the dark with a fan on – watching The Voice auditions.

I like the auditions because it’s the first time the judges have heard the contestants, and their reactions to voices can be quite entertaining. What’s equally as entertaining is the reaction when they hit their button, turn around, and get their first look at the contestant.

Case in point: Harrison Craig, from The Voice Australia. He sang Broken Vow, which requires a very full voice, and the reaction of some of the judges when they turned around and saw a teenager singing was something to behold.

I also like watching the various international editions of The Voice because most of the auditions are in English, and they’re songs I know. If you want to see why they call music the universal language, watch Fernando Daniel from Portugal sing When We Were Young, or Mateusz Ziolko from Poland sing When a Man Loves a Woman.

Then there are men who take a song made famous by a woman, and vice versa. Vince Kidd auditioned for the U.K. with Like a Virgin, while Jaclyn Lovey did Can’t Help Falling in Love With You for the U.S. judges.

Some of the performers choose a relatively new song for their audition, while others go for something a bit older. Kaity Dunstan (Australia) sang Brand New Key; Riley Elmore (U.S.) did The Way You Look Tonight; and Rachael Leahcar (Australia) did La Vie en Rose.

A couple of other points about Rachael’s audition: As she was singing, and before he turned around, judge Joel Madden turned to fellow judge Seal, gestured at the audience, and said, “People are crying.”

Rachael couldn’t see them crying, or see when the judges turned around. She is legally blind, with only about 10 percent vision. Vernon Barnard, from South Africa, is completely blind. It doesn’t stop them from bringing the gift of their voices to the people.

Where did I find all these auditions? Well, as I said, you go to YouTube. Pick one of them, then after you listen to it, look at the right hand side of the screen, and you’ll see a list of other videos.

Dive into the rabbit hole, and enter a Wonderland of great music. Just don’t be surprised at how long you might find yourself down there.


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