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Fort St. John Mountie saves man from bleeding to death

A Fort St. John Mountie is being credited with saving a man’s life in the early hours of July 15.

RCMP were called to an apartment building in the 8500-block of 86th Street around 2 a.m. that morning and found an unresponsive man next to a vehicle.

Officers learned that the man had recently come home from an evening out and may have been involved in an unspecified dispute. The man then punched a car’s passenger window, apparently severing an artery in his arm, causing him to lose a considerable amount of blood.

The man was extremely fortunate that Constable Brooks, who has advanced medical training, was on shift that morning,” said Sgt. Dave Tyreman of the Fort St. John RCMP.

Tyreman explained that doctors advised the man would likely have bled to death were it not for the efforts of Const. Brooks, who managed to pack the wound to close off the artery inside the man’s arm to stop the flow of blood.

The man was airlifted to a Vancouver area hospital for treatment.


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