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The shared experience


Prince George Hospice

I was happy to see him back at the group. I didn’t think he would come again. The week before he came to the drop-in. I think there were four people there all together. Anyways, he came, he shared, and he mostly listened.

He had a specific reason to be there. He wanted some information. He was trying to help one of his kids. He told me as much – that he didn’t think he would be back, that he had gotten what he needed.

The next week he came! We went around the table, checking and saying hello to everyone and when it came to his turn I said to him, “I’m happy to see you here today. I didn’t think we would see you again.”

“There’s something about the shared experience,” he said. “It was really helpful to hear other people’s stories and to be able to openly talk about my own. I felt better after last week. Lighter.”


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