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Connected community bands together to fight crime

The Nechako Bench Neighbourhood Watch group is using technology to boost their crime prevention efforts in their neighbourhood.

Through the use of a closed Facebook account, homeowner surveillance, and the will to keep their community safe, residents in the Nechako Bench area are the first to benefit from the new and revised Block Watch signs that reflect a “Connected Community.”

Liz Haley, Nechako Bench Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, designed the “Connected Community” decal that conveys to outsiders, this neighbourhood communicates effectively through the use of technology and does not hesitate to contact police and each other about all suspicious activity in the area. Cell phones, social media and more cost-effective surveillance systems now provide residents with the ability to enhance their neighbourhood watch programs, further minimizing the risk of criminal activity.

For information on crime prevention programs and services, contact RCMP Community Policing at (250) 561-3366 or drop by the office located at 455 Victoria Street, Prince George.

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