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Don’t blame government for overnight fuel price hikes: Horgan

Premier John Horgan

Premier John Horgan says large, overnight increases in gas prices aren’t government’s fault.

“Gas prices went up nine cents overnight,” Horgan said during a media availability Wednesday. “That’s not a tax question, that’s a gouging question.”

He said the issue of high gas prices have been discussed by cabinet and the province has raised the issue with Ottawa.

“When you see that type of increase in the price of litre gasoline, it’s not about taxation,” Horgan said. “I know there are those who would like to make that the argument. Clearly, there’s not a connection between the commodity price of a barrel of oil and the price at the pumps.”

He said there are two issues a play, the first being supply and Canada’s inability to refine more oil in Canada.

“That would help the consumers in Canada, that would be my preference,” he said.

The other situation that needs to be examined, he said, is why the price of fuel can jump as much a nine cents a litre overnight.

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