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Canadian Gumbo, just in time for Canada Day

There’s a birthday party being thrown down at the park on Sunday, and everyone is invited.

It’s Canada’s 151st birthday (where does the time go?) and there’s all kinds of great activities, as always, planned in Prince George. One thing I’m involved in that is actually happening a couple of days before that is a program I host on CFIS called Canadian Gumbo. It airs Fridays at 8 p.m. at 93.1 on the dial, and it’s all Canadian artists for an hour.

That made it a little trickier to come up with a theme for this Friday’s show, my last before Canada Day. A lot of the other show hosts could do an all-Canadian show, but I do that anyway.

So I decided to do a show with all Canadian artists, as always, but all the song titles would also reference Canada or a Canadian location in some way. I mentioned the idea to Corey Walker, who hosts Country Cavalcade, and he very kindly left me a list of songs from his library, which fit the bill and he wasn’t using.

I got the show put together, and then realized there was one song about Canada which I unfortunately couldn’t use.

The song is called Canada Is, and it’s sung by Roger Whittaker, who I think has an absolutely great voice. The only problem in the context of Canadian Gumbo was that he’s not Canadian – he’s from Nairobi, Kenya.

He has toured a lot in Canada, and obviously loves the country. I was almost tempted to declare him an honorary Canadian for the show, but decided against it.

So listen to Canadian Gumbo this Friday at 8 p.m. on CFIS 93.1, then head over to the park on Sunday for Canada Day.

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