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Nothing beats a regular hangout

I’m not a coin collector, which is a shame, because I got a neat one on Saturday.

It marked the 90th anniversary of the White Spot restaurant chain, from its beginnings on Granville Street in Vancouver in 1928 to today.

A friend and I have been going to the local White Spot for the past several years every Saturday morning (except when it’s too crowded and we have to find alternative nutrition sources). It’s nice to have that kind of a habit, because you get to know the staff and they get to know you.

We almost always sit at the same table, and the hostesses who greet us at the door know which table we like. We never jump the line if there are people waiting, but they do their best to seat the people ahead of us at other tables.

One reason we like to have the same table is we get the same server, unless she’s on holidays. We’ve had four regular servers in the time we’ve been going there, and all of them have been great. They and the hostesses know what we like to drink with our breakfast, so we usually don’t even have to order it.

There has been the occasional problem, usually with me requesting a certain item (usually a vegetable) not be included in my order, and the meal arriving with what looks suspiciously like said vegetable present.

The servers have always been great at making it good, getting me a new meal and usually cutting something off the bill.

My biggest complaint about that part is that the problem usually happens when it’s my friend’s turn to pay, meaning he gets off cheaper.

We’ve also grown to know not just the staff, but some of the other people who come in most Saturdays as well. It’s not like a club, where we all sit together, but we’ll wave to them when they come in, and they might stop by for a quick chat.

I’m kind of looking forward to what kind of celebration White Spot has planned for the 100th anniversary.


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