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Tahltan to get share of Brucejack Mine revenue

The Government of British Columbia has signed an agreement with the Tahltan Central Government, to ensure the First Nation receives a share of mineral tax revenue collected from the Brucejack Gold Mine in northwestern B.C.

Provincial mineral taxes generated by the gold mine are expected to be approximately $48 million each year. The new revenue-sharing agreement is expected to transfer approximately $7 million in taxes from the Brucejack Gold Mine annually to the Tahltan Central Government.

“The Tahltan Central Government welcomes this agreement with the Province of British Columbia as we work to deepen our relationship, and ensure the uses of the land are consistent with the values of the Tahltan people,” said Chad Day, President, Tahltan Central Government.

The Brucejack mine, owned and operated by Pretium Resources Inc., is an underground gold mine. The mine was commissioned in April 2017, and will ramp-up production to 2,700 tonnes per day, once operating at full capacity. The mine is expected to create more than 300 jobs during its minimum 22-year lifespan.

“The Tahltan people have been consistent in saying that they welcome economic development where social, cultural and environmental values are protected and enhanced. This agreement will allow us to further invest in our people’s well-being,” Chief Marie Quock, Iskut Band Council.

In 2017, the Tahltan Central Government and Pretium entered into a co-operation and benefits agreement for the project. The agreement set out goals for collaboration during the permitting process, and provided financial and other benefits to the Tahltan as project milestones were reached. Pretium representatives have said that involving First Nations early in the process gave them the confidence to proceed with the project.

Under the co-operation and benefits agreement, Pretium committed to provide education and training for Tahltan citizens. They also established employment targets and ensured that Tahltan businesses will have access to contracting opportunities.

The annual payments the Tahltan Central will receive under the revenue-sharing agreement with B.C. are in addition to the benefits received under its agreement with Pretium.

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