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Phoenix Transition Society helped by Paris Jewellers

The Phoenix Transition Society in Prince George is among 20 organizations in western Canada that will share $17,000 being donated by Paris Jewellers.

The money comes from Paris Jewellers’ pay-it-forward program. The initiative included providing customers the opportunity to purchase an exclusive necklace curated for Mother’s Day. One hundred per cent of the profits from the sale of the necklaces were donated, in addition to, a second necklace being gifted to local women’s charities.

“At Paris Jewellers, gratitude is the guiding principle of our lives and influences the way we run our company, so, we wanted to give back to the communities who have supported our business over the past 30 years,” said Chau Lui, Co-owner, Paris Jewellers, in a news release. “The pay-it-forward program was a way for us to say thank you, in addition to, providing our customers with a meaningful gift for the significant women in their lives and provide vulnerable women with a special gift too.”

Centered around Mother’s Day, a monumental day for Canadians to say thank you to those who have mothered, mentored and raised them, the necklace included four meaningful words – Kindness, Courage, Gratitude and Today Is a Gift. In hopes of inspiring both its employees and customers to make the world a kinder and more compassionate place, the program sought to encourage positive change and give back to the communities Paris Jewellers operates in.

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