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Minimum wage going up June 1

Employers in British Columbia should note that the general hourly minimum wage will increase to $12.65 from $11.35, and the minimum wage rates for liquor servers, resident caretakers and live-in camp leaders will also all increase, effective Friday, June 1, 2018.

These increases are the result of recommendations from the independent Fair Wages Commission, established in October 2017, to advise government on an approach to raising provincial minimum wages with increases that are regular, measured and predictable.

Effective June 1, 2018:

  • General minimum wage increases 11.5 per cent to $12.65 per hour, an increase of $1.30 per hour.
  • Liquor server minimum wage increases 12.9 per cent to $11.40 per hour, an increase of $1.30 per hour.
  • Resident caretaker minimum wage, per month, will increase 11.5 per cent to $759.32 for those that manage from nine to 60 units (plus $30.43 per unit), or $2,586.40, for 61 or more units.
  • Live-in camp leader minimum wage, per day, will increase 11.5 per cent to $101.24.
  • Live-in home support worker, alternate minimum wage, will be eliminated. For any workers remaining in this category, the general minimum wage will apply for all hours worked.

These wage increases for B.C.’s lowest-paid workers are the first of four annual increases that will take effect on June 1 of each year.

For the agricultural sector, farm workers paid by piece rate will see an increase as of Jan. 1, 2019. At that time, there will be an 11.5 per cent increase to all minimum piece rates, with further study to take place in the meantime, in order to better balance the needs of workers and the agriculture industry.

By June 2021, British Columbia’s general minimum wage will rise to at least $15.20 per hour, and the separate lower liquor server wage will be eliminated.


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