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Council ponders Civic Centre floor replacement

The Northern Sport Centre has taken its toll on the Prince George Civic Centre.

Since the Northern Sport Centre opened 10 years ago, revenue from sports groups using the Civic Centre has dropped off dramatically. For example, in 2006, there were 51 sporting events book at the Civic Centre, which brought in more than $47,000 in revenue. In 2008, there were eight sporting events, which brought in $3,260.

Now, with the floor needing replacing, the question is whether to replace it with a hardwood floor, suited to sporting events, or with a non-sporting floor more suited the convention and event business, which is the centre’s bread and butter.

And, a non-hardwood floor costs significantly less. The cost of replacing the wood flooring is approximately $550,000, according to a report presented to council Monday, plus the ongoing annual maintenance cost of approximately $4,200.00. The cost of installing a non-sport flooring is estimated at approximately $145,000.00 for materials and installation, with minimal annual maintenance costs.

Council received the report Monday without taking action. However, the project was added to the city’s capital expenditure program and is currently listed as unfunded, which means council will determine at budget time whether to fund a new floor and whether that floor will be a hardwood floor or a non-sporting floor.


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