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Regional district urging caution this weekend

A period of unseasonably warm temperatures has the regional district urging residents to be cautious this long weekend.

Water levels in many rivers and streams in the region continue to be high, with areas along the Upper Fraser expected to rise over the next week. It’s important to understand the risks and be prepared for any emergency. People living near a river or stream can take some precautions to reduce the risk associated with a flood.

• Prepare personal emergency supply kits for your home, car and work (plan for at least a three-day supply of food and water for each family member)

• Have a grab-and-go kit ready if you have to leave your home quickly

• Keep important papers in watertight containers and have a record of your valuables in a safe place

• If flooding is likely in your area, pay attention to the local media for information

• Watch for warning signs: increase in height and intensity of water flows, mudslides, debris in creeks, colour changes in water or leaning trees

• Know that banks of rivers and streams may be unstable and dangerous

• Keep a safe distance away from fast flowing water, especially children

• Teach your children about flood safety

• Consider arrangements for your pets and any livestock

The regional district notes that although the evacuation alert for 39 properties along the Upper Mud River Road has been removed, there are still dangers associated with high water including unstable banks, fast flows and debris.

It’s not only flooding that has the Regional District concerned. The warm temperatures and lack of precipitation means an increased risk of wildfire. The Regional District urges extreme caution with campfires this weekend.

Keep fires within approved fire-rings or pits. Keep a clear four foot radius around the designated fire area. The area should be free of grass, twigs, leaves, and firewood. Note that the fire should be at least 15 feet away from tent walls, hanging branches, and any surrounding brush. Campfires cannot be larger than 0.5 metres by 0.5 metres – roughly a foot-and-a-half by a foot-and-a-half. Keep a good supply of water nearby and ensure that the fire is fully extinguished before leaving it unattended.

For more information visit the Regional District’s emergency information page

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