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Since when did disagreeing with Ottawa become unconstitutional?

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau has declared British Columbia’s opposition to Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain pipeline unconstitutional.

Let’s get this straight. Morneau didn’t cite anything specific other than the fact the British Columbia government is opposing the pipeline as unconstitutional. In other words, with the height of Liberal arrogance, simply disagreeing with Ottawa is unconstitutional.

My how we have slid off the altar of good governance.

There is no doubt the Premier John Horgan’s actions are designed to stop the project, but British Columbia’s actions have been far from unconstitutional. Horgan promised to use “every tool in the toolbox” to fight the pipeline expansion and that is exactly what he has done. All those tools have been levered within the existing laws and legal framework of the land.

So, let’s be clear, in the eyes of the federal government, it’s British Columbia’s moral opposition, not any of its actions, that are unconstitutional.

That, I would suggest, is unconstitutional.

And, of course, the hypocrisy, which is lost on no one except politicians, is astounding.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and her government has now officially passed legislation ‘allowing’ it to shut off the flow of petroleum to British Columbia.

Her actions, aimed more at keeping Jason Kenney at bay, is nothing short of vindictive. Shutting off the taps to B.C. is designed to be punitive, disruptive and damaging. It’s akin to a schoolyard bully lashing out when cornered. Notley knows that Alberta cannot legally challenge what B.C. is doing so, like all bullies, aims to hurt.

But where are the cries from Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Alberta’s plans to cut off the oil supply to B.C. is unconstitutional? They haven’t even suggested to Alberta that it shouldn’t pursue this course of action.

I’m curious how Trudeau, Morneau and company will react should Kenney become Alberta premier and should Doug Ford become premier of Ontario. Kenney has stated one of his first actions will be to, somehow, cancel the federal carbon tax in that province. Ford has made similar overtones in Ontario. Saskatchewan will likely follow suit.

With Morneau’s assertion that B.C.’s opposition to the pipeline is unconstitutional, I’m anxiously awaiting a similar declaration about Alberta and Ontario possibly thumbing their noses at Ottawa.  


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