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Bel Canto Choirs sing with PIGS

Fourteen members of Bel Canto Choir will get a treat Friday night as will all those who are attending PIGS: Canada’s Pink Floyd Tribute show at the Prince George Playhouse.

Bel Canto Choirs will be performing on Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 at the show on Friday night at the Prince George Playhouse. 

Come celebrate some of the most amazing music ever made as PIGS: Canada’s Pink Floyd Tribute continues their LEFT + RIGHT Tour into the spring of 2018.  The third leg of PIGS’ 16 week, 57-date tour across Canada that started in the fall of 2017 features 14 dates in Saskatchewan, BC, Alberta, and Manitoba.

PIGS have been touring Canada extensively over the past few years with their flawless musical rendition of Pink Floyd, thrilling fans in Prince George, Fort St John, Airdrie, Toronto, Halifax, Edmonton, Kelowna, Quebec City, Windsor, Chilliwack, and many, many other cities.  PIGS are the only nationally touring Pink Floyd Tribute in Canada and will soon be heading across the border into the US, with Pacific and East Coast tours in the works, as well as tour plans for Asia and Europe.  

Formed in 2008 in Victoria, British Columbia, PIGS: Canada’s Pink Floyd Tribute honour Pink Floyd’s music like no other tribute. They have spent ten years meticulously recreating the live sound and concert experience of seventies-era Pink Floyd and have perfected their craft in front of sold out audiences throughout Canada.

PIGS shows truly are a labour of love.  Over a dozen different guitars and basses are used each night, songs are carefully performed combining aspects from both studio and original live versions, and the correct equipment is used when possible down to the proper cables and guitar strings.  Set-lists are developed to contain the biggest hits and the most interesting rarities; PIGS do everything they can to keep their shows fresh, dynamic, authentic and exciting for their fans. Fan favourites are embraced, of course: Josh Szczepanowski (band leader/David Gilmour role) estimates the band has, for example, played ‘Echoes’ for a total of 18 hours over the course of the tour so far!

At a number of stops on their tour, PIGS invited local youth choirs to join them on stage to sing Another Brick In The Wall part 2 from the Pink Floyd album The Wall.  Their collaboration with the choirs was a real treat for the audience, and a great experience for the kids—as well as one of the most memorable tour moments for the band.  “The crowds went crazy whenever the kids started singing,” says Szczepanowski. “We love inviting the local community into our show, and on stage we all get a real boost watching the kids perform!”

On this tour, PIGS will perform selections from the entire Floyd catalog, including a few special surprises from Floyd solo records. In addition to classics from legendary albums like Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall, the band will showcase material that has rarely—if ever—been performed live by Pink Floyd.

One of Canada’s premiere visual artists, VJ Photon (Erik Nortman) has been PIGS’ visual artist since 2009. Collaborating with the band to combine their own material with original footage from Pink Floyd’s Mr Screen, Photon helps to keep the show exciting and contemporary while still closely imitating the classic look from the seventies.  “Our new high-end lasers really add sparkle and color and take the show to the next level,” says Photon.

PIGS’ Left + Right Tour continues to offer an incredible night filled with music, lasers, and the glow of a giant circular Mr Screen.  Get your tickets soon – and relive the majesty of Pink Floyd.


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