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Be a speaker at TEDxUNBC

What will the next 150 years look like? That’s the question TEDxUNBC is asking Prince George.

After a successful first event in 2017, TEDxUNBC is back for another round of inspiration. We’ve just marked Canada’s 150th anniversary; whether you’re in the sciences, arts, or technology sector, TEDxUNBC wants to hear your vision of the future! What lessons can we take from our history? What will our community – and world – look like 150 years from now? What should we be doing today, in order to build the best possible future?

TEDxUNBC is asking residents to share their insight and expertise by applying to become a speaker. A total of 10 speakers will be chosen by a TEDxUNBC selection panel; half will be from the community, and half will be connected to the University of Northern British Columbia. The application form is available online.

“TEDxUNBC was such a hit last year. I am incredibly honored and excited to be able to bring it back for an even more inspiring and thought-provoking event, especially in partnership with UNBC,“ said Leah Labarrere, President of TEDxUNBC

TEDx offers a platform for locals to share their research, experiences, and stories on a world stage; each ‘Ted Talk’ is filmed and posted online. In 2017, Dr. Nadine Caron shared the challenges that came with her title as Canada’s first indigenous female surgeon, and pastor Seth Shelley shared a very personal story of recovering from abuse. Last year’s TEDxUNBC Talks have garnered more than 13,000 online views and counting.

TEDxUNBC will be held Sept. 29, 2018 at UNBC’s Canfor Theatre. It is an independently organized event, led by volunteers. The committee is excited to have earned the license to hold the event again in 2018. Seating is limited for the speaking portion of the event, but TEDxUNBC  will also include a day-long exhibition that the whole community is invited to! It will highlight some of the exciting research, teaching, and learning underway at UNBC.


Any businesses or organizations that would like more details – or to be included in the exhibition portion of the event – should contact committee Labarrere at



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