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Prince George Soccer Association to hold icebreaker tourney May 12-13

The past couple of years have been busy times in adult recreational soccer, with all of that hard work kicking off quickly for the 2018 season. The Prince George Women’s Soccer Association (PGWSA) and North Cariboo Senior Soccer League (NCSSL) have officially amalgamated.

This has been a journey that started in February 2016 with a feasibility group being formed to look at how adult soccer could become one. This group conducted a comparative review of each league’s operations, finance and governance to determine the feasibility of, or benefit from, an amalgamation. With a vote being passed on August 23, 2017 the final steps were in motion to complete this merger to form the Prince George Soccer Association (PGSA).

Virginia Ashley is the president of the new association.

“Prince George Soccer Association’s goal is to better adult soccer for our community, promote the sport we love, create an inclusive environment, make decisions that will improve the sport, and continue to keep the association in a positive financial position,” according to a statement issued by the group. “We are excited for this next step in adult soccer and encourage you to come to our facility Saturday, May 12 at noon to talk more.”

The association will be holding its Icebreaker Tournament May 12-13.



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