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Regional district launches recycling survey

Laura Zapotichny

Do you know what can be recycled?

Do you know where to take an item to be recycled?

Those are just some of the things the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is hoping to find out from residents with a new recycling survey that launches today.

“It’s important for us to understand what residents know about recycling options in our region,” says Laura Zapotichny, Waste Diversion Program Leader with the Regional District.

Zapotichny says producers of many common items like electronics, tires, batteries, paint and more have programs where they can accept their products back at the end of their life, so consumers can return them to a designated place instead of throwing them into the garbage. These programs are called stewardship programs, and are operated independently of the Regional District.

The Regional District is hoping to use information from the survey to encourage the stewardship programs to improve public education and access about their various programs.

“We need to establish a benchmark, to determine what people know about recycling options, and what factors might be influencing their ability to recycle,” says Zapotichny.

The survey is open May 4-15 and is available online at

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