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There’s no prize for taking up extra parking spots

I was over at Spruceland Shopping Centre late Sunday morning, and I noticed a number of things in the parking lot area which I have noticed in the past, but never brought up.
Well, that changes today.
I think some drivers need to be told there is no prize for the vehicle taking up the most parking spots. I saw a couple of vehicles which had each of their tires in a different parking spot. With all the dirt, it’s hard to see some of the lines, but these drivers had made it quite obvious that they were driving outside the lines.
I also noticed a few drivers who apparently didn’t realize the parking lot was not an extension of the highway they may have just been on. I don’t know if Spruceland makes it as clear as Pine Centre that there is a speed limit in the lot, but they should. I saw one car which I suspect was doing close to 50 driving through the parking area to get as close as possible to the store they were going to.
I saw a driver pull up just past an open parking spot, then back in, taking about 20 seconds to do so, and blocking that lane for the whole time. If you want to be able to drive out (and save a whole second), find a spot where you can drive through to park. What made it even sillier was this was a truck with big wheels, and it was pulling in between a couple of compact vehicles, so it wasn’t like line of sight for backing up would have been an issue.
Of course, it’s not all drivers. While the majority of the pedestrians at Spruceland on Sunday were polite and intelligent, there were a few of the other kind. Like the woman who didn’t even look as she stepped off the curb in front of the stores, then realized she was a little ways away from her vehicle, so she walked pretty much down the middle of the driving lane to get there.

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