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Merrick runs for mayor of Wells

Jillian Merrick
Jillian Merrick

Prince George city councillor Jillian Merrick is running for mayor.

Mayor of Wells, that is.

Merrick, who has been splitting her time between Prince George and Wells, posted on Instagram that she will be running for mayor of Wells. The district will be holding a byelection for the positions of mayor and one councillor on June 9. It’s the third byelection this term for the municipality.

Robin Sharpe resigned as mayor in February. In his resignation letter, Sharpe said he no longer wants to be part of “such a negative situation,” adding that “negative” portions of the community have affected council. Coun. Lorraine Kozar resigned at the same time as Sharpe. The new mayor and councillor will serve until regular elections in October.

Just submitted a new job application – wish me luck!

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