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City Hall trees come down for parkade

City hall looks a little bit different this morning as some of the beautiful old trees that adorned the lawn have been taken down to make way for the new parkade on Sixth Avenue.

Coun. Brian Skakun posted the following message on Facebook to explain the removal:

“Construction of the parkade and the relocation of utility infrastructure will require the removal of some trees at City Hall along George Street. The spruce trees will be re-planted at Duchess Park; the elm and ash trees will be used by local community organizations such as the Prince George Woodturners Guild.

The City’s Public Art Committee will also accept applications from artists and artisans to utilize the trees in the creation of products that may be used for fundraising by local charities. The new housing development under construction across from City Hall will also include more than 100 new trees.”

Photographer Philomena Hughes posted the following video:

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